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Membrane-Based Electronics: Foldable & Adaptable Integrated Circuits

A DoD Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) sponsored by AFOSR


Recent Papers
“Ultrathin thermoresponsive self-folding 3D graphene” W. Xu, Z. Qin, C. T. Chen, H. R. Kwag, Q. Ma, A. J. Sarkar, M. J. Buehler, D. H. Gracias
Science Advances, 3, e1701084, (2017). PDF Supplementary Materials
“Layer-by-layer assembly of two-dimensional materials into wafer-scale heterostructures” K. Kang*, K.-H. Lee*, Y. Han, H. Gao, S. Xie, D. A. Muller, J. Park (*equal contribution)
Nature, 550, 229 (2017). PDF Supplementary Materials Video 1 Video 2
“Atomically Thin Graphene Windows That Enable High Contrast Electron Microscopy without a Specimen Vacuum Chamber” Y. Han, K. X. Nguyen, Y. Ogawa, J. Park, and D. A. Muller
Nano Lett. 16, 7427 (2016) PDF Supplementary Materials
“Atomically Thin Ohmic Edge Contacts Between Two-Dimensional Materials” M. H. D. Guimarães, H. Gao, Y. Han, K. Kang, S. Xie, C. Kim, D. A. Muller, D. C. Ralph, and J. Park
ACS Nano 10, 6392 (2016) PDF Supplementary Materials
“Chiral atomically thin films” C. Kim, A. Sánchez-Castillo, Z. Ziegler, Y. Ogawa, C. Noguez, and J. Park
Nat. Nanotechnol. 11, 520 (2016) PDF Supplementary Materials
“Statistical Study on the Schottky Barrier Reduction of Tunneling Contacts to CVD Synthesized MoS2” S. Lee, A. Tang, S. Aloni, and H.-S. P. Wong
Nano Lett. 16, 276 (2016) PDF Supplementary Materials

“Graphene Kirigami,” M. K. Blees, A. W. Barnard, P. A. Rose, S. P. Roberts, K. L. McGill, P. Y. Huang, A. R. Ruyack, J. W. Kevek, B. Kobrin, D. A. Muller, and P. L. McEuen
Nature 524, 204 (2015) PDF

“High-mobility three-atom-thick semiconducting films with wafer scale homogeneity,” K. Kang*, S. Xie*, L. Huang, Y. Han, P. Y. Huang, K. F. Mak, C.-J. Kim, D. A. Muller, and J. Park
(* equal contribution)
Nature 520, 656 (2015) PDF Supplementary Materials
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