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Membrane-Based Electronics: Foldable & Adaptable Integrated Circuits

A DoD Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) sponsored by AFOSR

Kick-Off Meeting

The Kick-Off Meeting with the other Foldable & Adaptable Integrated Circuits MURI team will take place on September 11th, 2015 at MIT!

Melina’s paper is published in Nature

Melina Blees’s paper “Graphene kirigami” got accepted to Nature and is getting a lot of coverage.

Kibum and Saien’s paper is published in Nature

Dr. Kibum Kang and Saien Xie’s paper “High-mobility three-atom-thick semiconducting films with wafer-scale homogeneity” got accepted to Nature this week.

MURI Proposal Funded

Our MURI team, made up of researchers from Cornell, Stanford, and Johns Hopkins, has been funded for AFOSR MURI TOPIC #11—MEMBRANE-BASED ELECTRONICS: FOLDABLE & ADAPTABLE INTEGRATED CIRCUITS.

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